Owning the CPG Customer Journey in the New DTC World


For CPG brands, a robust omnichannel experience is now critical. The race to capture customer attention, prioritize ecommerce channels, and lower customer acquisition costs — all while the customer journey continues to evolve — has created additional complexity in this already complex market.

Hear from leaders in the CPG industry as they explain how they're thinking about their digital transformations, what they're doing to change their marketing behaviors, and where they're placing their investments in order to keep their brands top of mind for today's consumer.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • How CPG brands are thinking about their omnichannel experience
  • Understand the impact a great on-site customer experience can have on revenue and customer support costs
  • How a knowledge graph is a critical foundation for the changing customer journey
Lee Zucker Headshot

Lee Zucker

Head of Industry, CPG/DTC and Retail

Steven Moy Headshot

Steven Moy


Swan Sit Headshot

Swan Sit

Consultant, former Global VP of Digital Marketing at Nike & Revlon

Cory Young Headshot

Cory Young

Manager, DMP

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