Post-COVID Patient Acquisition 201: Advanced Tips to Ensure Patients Return to You


As states begin to reopen, health systems are slowly resuming booking patients for certain elective procedures. But patients are still weighed down with questions like, "Is it safe?" "Should I postpone my procedure?" and "Will I get COVID?" These valid concerns are in competition with a fact that you don't need us to tell you: If patients continue to postpone care, the revenue implications for your health system will be significant.

So how do you make sure your organization is fully prepared to answer patient questions and build a patient experience that instills confidence and trust while optimizing retention?

Join us for this next installment of our Post-COVID Patient Acquisition series. You'll learn advanced tips for communicating the precautions you're taking to keep patients safe — and find out how you can prepare for the lasting evolution of your marketing strategy.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • How to mirror your "back to business" marketing strategy online, so patients can find answers to their questions when they search
  • How to plan for the next phase in driving revenue and patient acquisition with additional elective procedures, and what you'll need to do to increase patient awareness
  • Tips to set your marketing strategy and tech stack up for success in a post-pandemic marketing environment
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Carrie Liken

Head of Industry, Healthcare

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