The New Financial Services Customer Journey


The customer journey starts with intent — intent to know, to go, to buy, and to do — and that intent usually takes the form of a question. Consumers today are asking deeper and more specific questions about financial services and professionals, and they're fact-checking the answers they find with customer reviews.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • How consumers are searching for financial information today
  • How reviews can empower your business to take down digital disruptors and win new market share
  • How Yelp and Yext are powering the new financial services customer journey
  • Ways to enrich your demographic and behavioral marketing strategies with intent marketing
Shane Closser Headshot

Shane Closser

Head of Industry, Financial Services, Yext

Darnell Holloway Headshot

Darnell Holloway

Director, Business Outreach

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