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Yext Search: Powered by Snowflake

Yext helps thousands of businesses deliver relevant, actionable information wherever people search. At Snowflake Summit, attendees used Yext-powered search on the conference app and website to explore sessions, speakers, logistics, and more.

Sophisticated search made easy

Yext collects and organizes content from across the enterprise to deliver relevant, actionable information — in the form of answers — wherever people ask questions about a business.

Through the Powered by Snowflake program, Yext harnesses the Snowflake Data Cloud to establish secure data sharing capabilities and a single source of truth for search analytics. Developers from companies of all sizes leverage Yext and Snowflake to quickly deploy seamless digital experiences across web, mobile, and voice.

Multiple algorithms

Several Yext-built algorithms process structured and unstructured data to deliver contextually relevant information with advanced NLP.

Dynamic Reranking

A machine learning mechanism that continuously reorders results based on user engagement to optimize search performance.

Security and compliance

SOC2 compliance, authentication, enterprise-grade cloud security, encryption, and global data centers.

Get started in just three steps

Graphic showing relationship between entities.
Step 1: Collect and organize content
Centralize content into a knowledge graph, a data storage solution optimized for voice search and other AI.
Graphic of search results for "reset your password"
Step 2: Deliver relevant information
Leverage consumer-grade APIs to deliver information across websites, apps, chatbots, and more.
Graphic of analytics dashboard in the Yext Platform.
Step 3: Uncover actionable insights
Quickly act on critical search insights by leveraging the speed, scale, and performance of Snowflake's platform

Real business, real results

Next-generation digital experiences start with Yext and Snowflake