Centralize All Support Content in an AI-Ready Knowledge Base

A graph-based “one-stop shop” for all the information your support teams need.


Unlock and unsilo your company’s knowledge


of customers prefer support through an online knowledge base


The amount of money a typical organization employing 1,000 workers wastes annually searching for, but not finding, information


of consumers claim that easy access to information and support can make them fall in love with a brand

Good knowledge management necessitates a Knowledge Graph

Eliminate internal information silos

Centralize all support data for easy retrieval, including from sources like Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, ServiceNow, and more.

Increase operational efficiency

Map the relationships between all support-related data, making it easy for all users to find content while allowing you to manage your information at scale.

Reduce support-related costs

Classify and cluster all support content - articles, guides, FAQs, tutorials, product manuals, help sites, etc. - in a single unified search experience so that both customers and agents can find what they need instantly.

The Answers Platform

Explore the integrations and platform features behind Yext Support Answers that help you deliver cutting-edge search experiences.

App Directory Integrations

Use Yext's pre-built integrations with all the business tools and services you trust to enable search for your help articles and more.

Zendesk Guide App
Salesforce Service Cloud

Our Extractive QA algorithm searches unstructured data - such as help articles, product manuals, blog posts, and more - to return direct answers in the form of featured snippets.

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Direct Answers, Not Links

Queries multiple data sources and aggregates the results in one unified experience. Integrates with third-party systems to return even more results to customers, all in one place.

Federated Architecture

Machine learning automatically reranks results based on user engagement data.

Dynamic Reranking

Track the savings associated with case deflection and identify content gaps that need to be addressed. Automatically groups similar searches, even if they contain different query phrasings, to improve search at scale.

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Advanced Analytics