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Yext Launches AI-Powered Doctor Finder Solution to Make Searching for Healthcare Providers a Seamless Experience


Sep 8, 2021

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The solution enables healthcare organizations to match patients to the right provider by understanding the meaning behind what they’re searching for online.

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the AI Search Company, today announced the availability of "Find-a-Doc," an AI-powered search solution for healthcare organizations to improve the pre-appointment patient experience. Built on Answers, Yext's revolutionary search platform, Find-a-Doc enables patients to quickly and easily identify the right provider for their needs on a healthcare organization's website.

When a patient searches for a specific doctor specialty, insurance type, and other criteria, Find-a-Doc will rely on advanced natural language processing (NLP) to actually understand the patient's query and return the doctors that match their criteria — complete with headshots, contact information, and helpful prompts like "make an appointment" and "get directions." Unlike traditional doctor finder tools, Yext's solution does not limit a patient to the criteria they can input — rather, it allows for freedom and flexibility so patients can search for exactly what they need in natural language.

Several healthcare organizations are already taking advantage of Yext's Find-a-Doc solution, including IHA, a Michigan-based multi-specialty medical group that experienced a 400% increase in online appointment conversions just a few months after launching with Yext.

IHA made the switch to Yext's natural language search from search that "was comprised of blue links only with no opportunities for conversion, often sending visitors down a rabbit hole to find what they were looking for," said Meghan Brescia, Brand Strategy Manager at IHA. "Yext has given us much more intel to our queries than we had in the past. We identified query trends and prioritized creating some topical FAQs with conversion opportunities."

"Today, more patients than ever are evaluating options for healthcare online, but far too often, healthcare organizations make it unnecessarily difficult for them to identify the right doctor for their needs," said Carrie Liken, Head of Industry for Healthcare at Yext. "Yext's Find-a-Doc offers an intelligent solution, helping organizations unify all of the information about their providers in one search experience. Our goal is to make browsing and selecting providers a seamless experience for patients who are ready to convert."

Find out more about Yext's Find-a-Doc solution here.

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