Improve the Patient Experience with an Exceptional Find a Doctor

Empower your patients to get results for every query and match them to the most relevant provider using our sophisticated healthcare taxonomy.

Search bar over doctor contact card with a magnifying glass over the call and direction CTA.

Motivate your patients to find the results they need


increase in YOY traffic on healthcare sites*


More than 75% of people search for a doctor, rather than a physical location, when they are finally ready to book an appointment*


of patients are not satisfied with the health information they find online today**

Drive a Superior Digital Experience

A superior digital experience increases patient acquisition, reduces call center costs and positions your business as a leader into the digital future.

Link any query to an answer with increased conversion potential

Provide the most relevant answers to natural language questions. Search results will include CTAs and additional relevant information from reviews to conditions treated and other sources to help you make the most informed decision about your provider.

Three different Yext powered search experiences side by side. The first says Dermatology, followed by melanoma and female dermatologist accepting Aetna.
Manage Data by Building a Structured Knowledge Graph

Ingest and update provider information easily. Store provider digital assets such as images, videos and webinars and create permissions for providers to update their own information.

Side by side image. On the left side it shows the doctor in the Yext Knowledge Graph and on the right it shows what the doctor looks like on a Yext powered search experience. Search is for Dermatologist in New York.
Leverage Yext’s Built-In Taxonomy

Embed Yext's built-in, search focused taxonomy. It is ready to go at launch and includes both clinical and patient search terms. The built-in taxonomy has over 13k conditions, procedures, specialties and reasons for visit.

A bunch of circles all connected by arrows on top of three larger green circles with Professionals, Specialties and Conditions.
Build Professional Pages

Build out schema updated and structured professional pages at scale that can be easily modified for each physician. These pages can also help boost SEO and optimize the patient's journey to find the best care.

Gain New Insights

With Yext's robust insights tracker you can uncover trends into what patients are asking for, track cost savings from patient-support related questions, and see revenue generated from clicks to conversions.

Create Customized CTAs

Results can feature up to two CTAs on each card. CTAs include: Schedule Now, Call Now, Learn More and many others depending on your organization's needs.

Search bar with doctor focused on women's health with a doctor result on the bottom and many different CTA options in blue on the right hand side.
Leverage Online Appointment Schedulers

Yext's healthcare solutions integrate with online appointment scheduling platforms - third party or home-grown, to ensure that you have the best chance to convert a patient, every time.

Appointment Scheduler Icons on top of a green diamond.
The Answers Platform

Explore the integrations and platform features behind Yext's healthcare solutions that help you deliver cutting-edge search experiences.

Publisher Network

Power listings for your healthcare facilities and professionals on top of third-party search platforms. When people are searching for health information off of your website, they appear everywhere those searches take place.

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HealthSoul - Deprecated
CareDash - Deprecated
App Directory Integrations

Use Yext’s pre-built integrations with all the business tools and services you trust to enable appointment booking, data analytics, and more.

NRC Health Transparency
Tableau Analytics App
BetterAccess Booking Link
Yext Search for Zendesk
Yext Search for ServiceNow

Leverage natural language processing (NLP) to understand the meaning and context behind search queries.

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Machine learning automatically reranks product results based on user engagement data

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Configurable features to allow end users to better refine their searches.

A new framework that makes it easy to add data to your Knowledge Graph from a variety of sources including a web crawler. Building your own Knowledge Graph just became easier than ever.

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Understand exactly what products your customers are looking for with the specific results they receive, so you can better understand how to improve their experience.

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