Capture and Convert searches for Healthcare Providers and Facilities wherever patients are searching

Drive better discoverability for your providers and facilities by optimizing third party and first party search experiences.

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The importance of optimizing your providers and facilities for search


health questions are asked on Google everday*


more clicks and interactions on the knowledge card than on any other links on the SERP**


of patients will abandon their search experience due to inaccurate provider information***

Give your providers and facilities the best opportunity to win in search

A vast & diverse listings network

Patients interact with your facilities and providers on hundreds of search engines, maps, voice assistants, and more - keeping them all up-to-date could require a lot of manual effort. Yext created an entirely new way to manage your facility and provider listings by building direct integrations that give you complete control over how your information appears on the web.

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Search optimized landing pages

Drive more unbranded searches to your website with landing pages for your providers, facilities and more that are optimized for search.

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Reputation Management for your providers and facilities

Reviews and ratings not only tell potential patients what they can expect about your providers and facilities, but they also impact where they show up in search. With Yext, monitor, respond, and generate reviews to attract more patients.

Reviews overview over the Yext Platform.
Answer your consumers' questions

Yext site search understands natural language questions and returns direct answers — not just links. These results include rich snippets, provider profiles, FAQs, maps, and more.

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Get Detailed Analytics behind patient behavior

Use natural language sentiment analysis tools to interpret your patients' user search experience, understand their interactions with your providers / facilities, and gain search performance insights.

Colored bar on the right hand side for each word that is being analyzed on top of the Yext sentiment analysis tool platform.

Yext Pages is delivered on a Content Delivery Network to increase webpage performance and reliability.

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Monitor and answer consumer questions about your business and products, then sync pre-answered FAQs to pre-empt the most common queries.

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Respond to your reviews from around the web from the Yext platform

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A process for sending invitations through Yext to your customers, requesting authentic 1st Party reviews.

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Leverage natural language processing (NLP) to understand the meaning and context behind search queries.

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Understand exactly what products your customers are looking for with the specific results they receive, so you can better understand how to improve their experience.

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