How to Keep Customers Informed During Hurricane Ian

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When a natural disaster strikes, your number one priority is (and should always be) keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Something like your business hours or updated FAQs may seem trivial, but can help to make sure your customers keep themselves safe as well.

Disasters like hurricane Ian inherently make every day things more complicated. Something as simple as grabbing a gallon of water from the grocery store or cash from the ATM seems easy, but how do you know if the closest location is open? Are supplies still available? Is it safe to travel to the store?

Situations change quickly in the face of natural disasters and customers may look to your business for the latest information about health & safety guidelines, inventory of critical supplies, or hours of operation for essential services. Updating your business' online presence with the latest information can provide valuable information to the community and help your customers make informed decisions.

When a natural disaster strikes be sure to take steps such as:

  • Marking your locations opened or closed
  • Updating your business hours
  • Updating your voicemail message or automated prompts for incoming calls
  • Posting announcements on Google, Facebook, and other social media
  • Posting an announcement on your website
  • Updating your FAQs on your website and in search
  • And more…

During hurricane Sandy 600+ businesses used Yext to update their customers on Monday alone.

If you are a Yext customer, be sure to check out our documentation on Updating Data for Emergency Business Closures.

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