Demonstrating the Value of a CX Investment

Learn the importance of investing in customer experience (CX) to address the rise in support tickets, the "great resignation" of agents, and frustrated customers.

Relying on digital channels (and mobile in particular) has become second nature for most people --- and that expectation extends to customer support. But the past several years have been characterized by a rise in costly support tickets, a "great resignation" of agents, and frustrated customers who say that digital support experiences don't (yet) live up to their expectations. Making the right kind of support investment to improve customer experience (CX) can help. Yext's Support Solutions drive customer adoption and loyalty, generate operational cost savings, and increase retention. Here's a look at how you can quantify the value of your CX investment: for you customers and your agents.

Infographic 1: How better search for support enhances customer experience image A majority of people say they would rather find information on their own on a company website in order to resolve their support issues. But the search experience on most websites makes this impossible, and customers struggle: most people use site search at least once a month (61%), but the majority of them (63%) say they leave frustrated by it. Implementing Yext Search (and combining it with Yext Chat) improves this experience immediately. Thanks to Yext's multi-algorithm, federated search architecture, users are able to find what they need faster. The ultimate impact? Better performing search experiences that keep people on-site, leave them more satisfied, and generate more insights for your business --- ultimately leading to even more effective support in the future.

Infographic 2: Agent experience image Rising support ticket numbers are costly for businesses --- and they're exhausting for support agents. (Over the past two years, support agents have been leaving (or thinking about leaving) their jobs in droves.) Yext Search can help. Better performing search experiences reduce operational costs associated with support requests by deflecting tickets --- as well as saving agent time and resources. Ready to streamline the resolution process? Click here to learn more about Yext's AI-powered support solutions or request a demo. *internal Yext data, 2023