Power Your Ecommerce Search and Discovery

Create an intuitive ecommerce site search and discovery experience for CPG designed to meet your customers with direct answers every step of the way with the Yext Search Experience Cloud.

How to supercharge ecommerce search and discovery to convert shoppers

Drive Conversions

Customers who search are 2.6x more likely to convert, and they spend 3 times as much as customers who don't search. Accelerate top-line growth with a search-first strategy.

Streamline the Digital Consumer Journey

Today's customer journey starts in search - and can end up anywhere. Keep more customers in your owned natural language search experiences and shorten the path to purchase with a low-click conversion strategy.

Analyze Consumer Search Behavior

Understand consumer preference across the entire funnel — both on your site and off — and use that information to expand your product lines, improve your marketing strategy, and more.

Amplify your digital marketing strategy and convert more shoppers with the Yext Knowledge Graph

The Yext Consumer Packaged Goods Knowledge Graph is purpose-built to store and structure all the public-facing facts about your brand — and the relationships between them — so your brand can deliver correct answers to intelligent services and the shoppers who use them.
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