Accelerate Health System Hiring

Reach the talent market quickly, flood your hiring pipeline with qualified job seekers, and convert more people to applicants so you can fill your most important roles faster.

How to Accelerate Hiring

Improve Job Seeker Awareness

Improve job seeker awareness of opportunities in your health system by structuring your jobs data to optimize it for discovery on search engines and other third-party sites.

Promote Visitor Engagement

Promote visitor engagement with intuitive, compelling search experiences that deliver answers that are relevant to the user's intent, like finding a doctor, booking an appointment or paying a bill.

Facilitate Applicant Conversion

Facilitate applicant conversion and get more candidates in your door by putting customizable calls to action right in the search results so it's easy for people to apply.

Strengthen and amplify your marketing strategy with the Yext Knowledge Graph

The Yext Healthcare Knowledge Graph is purpose-built to store and structure all the public-facing facts about your healthcare brand — and the relationships between them — so your organization can deliver correct answers to intelligent services and the consumers who use them.
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