Drive Patient Volume

Watch your patient volume rise when you own your brand experience and exceed the modern patient's expectation across their journey from search to appointment booking.

How to Drive Patient Volume

Increase Awareness
Improve consumer awareness of your brand everywhere people look for information about insurance policies, from major search engines to financial services websites.
Promote Visitor Engagement
Promote visitor engagement with compelling owned search experiences that make it easy and enjoyable for people to find the right opportunities in your organization.
Facilitate Patient Conversion
Facilitate patient conversion, however you define it, by customizing compelling calls to action and putting them in every search result.
The Answers Platform

Explore the integrations and platform features behind Yext Healthcare Answers that help you deliver cutting-edge search experiences.

Knowledge Network

Power listings for your healthcare facilities and professionals on top of third-party search platforms. When people are searching for health information off of your website, they appear everywhere those searches take place.

Google Business Profile
Amazon Alexa
App Directory Integrations

Use Yext’s pre-built integrations with all the business tools and services you trust to enable appointment booking, data analytics, and more.

NRC Health Transparency
Podium Reviews
Binary Fountain

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