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BetterAccess Booking Link

Add a BetterAccess booking link to your Yext profile.

Build out your patient booking experience by adding a BetterAccess booking link as the Reservation URL for your Yext Healthcare Facilities and Healthcare Professional profiles. Through BetterAccess, patients will be able to request telehealth and in-person appointments, with the ability to securely add custom qualifying information tailored to how your providers operate.

BetterHealthcare's BetterAccess technology provides a HIPAA compliant, interoperable platform that scales at enterprise levels​ as a standalone or EHR integrated (unidirectional or bidirectional) solution.

The BetterAccess platform is the healthcare solution for today's digital consumers – enabling them to set up appointments when, where, and how they need them. The main benefits include:

  • Appointment Requests Made Easy: On BetterAccess you can create appointments and accept both in-person and telehealth appointment requests at any time of the day.

  • Streamlined Patient Management: Patient onboarding and centralized profile management save time and money for everyone involved.

  • Data Driven Solutions: Understand your patients' behavior and your teams' performance to optimize touchpoints and uncover opportunities for exponential growth.

How this app works:

  • The BetterAccess Booking Link app lets healthcare providers add a BetterAccess Request Appointment CTA to their Yext profiles. Coupled with the BetterAccess Data Sync app, Yext Healthcare Facility and Healthcare Professional data is synced to the BetterAccess platform, giving you the tools you need to set up a digital front door to your practice.

  • To install this app you will need a BetterAccess account and a Yext account with Yext for Healthcare entity access. Should you decide to uninstall the app, your BetterAccess fields will cease to update automatically but they will not be deleted.

  • Select the BetterAccess Booking Link application on the Yext app store and click "Install". You will be redirected to the install URL.

  • Click “Install on Yext” and login to your existing BetterAccess account (if you are not logged in).

  • Review and accept Yext permissions by clicking "OK".

  • The integration is installed! If you refresh your Yext account, you will now see a new custom field called “BetterAccess ID”.

  • Log in to your BetterAccess account to review appointment requests from Yext.

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