Leverage your customers' loyalty to drive more reviews with ComoSense and Yext

ComoSense is the premiere professional customer engagement suite for driving business growth. Living within your POS, the platform allows you to know your customers and their buying habits so that you can target them with relevant communications that keep them coming back. The solution's essential tools include powerful analytics, marketing automation, loyalty programs, omnichannel communication, and your own branded mobile app.

ComoSense’s integration with Yext connects your loyalty members’ activity to a request for online reviews. Using one-on-one personalized communication based on multiple triggers, the integration allows for the following workflow:

  1. A customer triggers an event in Como (e.g., POS or online purchase, coupon redemption).

  2. Como sends the customer’s email/SMS to Yext.

  3. Yext sends the customer a request to leave a review.

  4. If the customer leaves a review, Yext sends a notification back to Como.

  5. Based on the customer action, Como users can tag the customer, reward them, or follow up with personalized communication.

The ComoSense app is available worldwide to ComoSense Professional subscribers. To use this app, you must have an active Yext account with access to Review Generation.

See how Yext can help you deliver answers wherever people search so you can grow your business.