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Create customized location-based advertising campaigns - powered by Yext and GroundTruth

GroundTruth is the leading advertising platform for driving offline visits. Since 2009, GroundTruth’s focus on scale and accuracy has allowed customers to leverage the power of location technology to serve targeted mobile ads. With this integration, customers can manage their listings within the Yext platform and push them directly into GroundTruth’s platform. This app allows GroundTruth to contextualize your Yext location data with our proprietary mapping technology called Blueprints. Once the Yext locations have been sent to GroundTruth and the Blueprints for your business(es) have been created, you can run mobile advertising campaigns utilizing GroundTruth’s location targeting and drive customers to your locations.

About our Blueprints Technology

GroundTruth was the first company to recognize the need for accurate mapping of business locations for the specific purpose of marketing. This is why our blueprints are dissected into multiple layers that mimic the real-world so that we can tell you precisely whether a target audience is in a store, in the parking lot, or within walking distance of a location.

Running Advertising Campaigns with GroundTruth

Where people go says a lot about who they are and is one of the most accurate predictors of future intent. GroundTruth’s self-serve Ads Manager platform enables you to simply launch and manage mobile advertising campaigns using targeting tactics based on your Yext listings:

Groundtruth’s Ads Manager platform makes your Yext listing data actionable, allowing you to:

  1. Drive traffic to your store (or a website)

  2. Increase sales

  3. Plan and predict real consumer behavior

How it works:

  1. Click 'install' then grant GroundTruth permission to access your Yext listing data

  2. If you have a GroundTruth Ads Manager account, log in to select which location(s) to include in your mobile campaign then continue to the next step

  3. If you do not have a GroundTruth Ads Manager account, use this link for easy registration or reach out to to create an account

  4. This integration is currently only available for US locations.

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