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Olo Menu Connector

Easily sync and distribute your menus by combining the power of Olo and Yext

Olo, the leading food ordering platform for the restaurant industry, powers digital ordering and delivery programs that connect restaurant brands to the on-demand world, allowing millions of consumers to order ahead or get meals delivered from restaurants they love. Olo’s platform enables every stage of restaurant ecommerce, from fully-branded consumer interfaces to the back-of-house order management features that keep restaurants running smoothly. Orders from Olo interact seamlessly with existing restaurant systems to capture demand from direct (such as brand websites and apps) and indirect channels (e.g. food ordering marketplaces).

The Olo app connects your Olo account with the Yext platform so that you can easily sync menu content from from Olo into Yext. When the app is installed, Yext will pull your restaurant menus from Olo and create corresponding menu ECLs in Yext. Each day Yext will check for updated menu data from Olo in order to syndicate it across the Yext Knowledge Network. Eliminate the hassle of updating menu content in multiple places and instead focus on driving consumers’ eyes to your menus and, ultimately, to your online ordering platform.

In order to use the Olo app, you must have an Olo account and a Yext for Food subscription.

If you haven’t already installed the Olo Restaurant Connector, you will first have to request access to your Vendor Export on Olo. Contact your Yext CSM who can request access for this.

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