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Proximity Page™

Build landing pages that automatically sync with your Yext location data.

Proximity Page are landing pages that build a modern online presence for local businesses, designed specifically to drive traffic to the company’s main site.

The Proximity Page app allows you to build one, or hundreds, of landing pages that will automatically sync with your Yext account.

Build with confidence knowing that the critical data displayed on your landing pages precisely match what is advertised across the Yext Power Listings Network. Seamlessly stay in full control of the information customers see for your business across the web. With our web-sync feature, any changes you make to your website’s information will automatically update with Yext.

• Create professional landing pages in minutes

• Intuitive builder interface

• Pre-populates with Yext location data

• Pre-sets all data with SEO standards (keyword and area)

• Custom branding

To install the app: you’ll need to have at least one location configured with Yext. New users be prompted to create a Proximity Page account.

For Support: Please communicate with our team through our support channels:

What You Get

SEO rich landing pages that are optimised for keyword and local area.

A low-cost solution that can target an area and a keyword to drive local search rankings and inbound lead generation.

  1. KEYWORD - Prepopulated for you to confirm.

  2. LOCATION - Automatically selects the closest as a starting point.

  3. WEBSITE - No integration required - we don’t need to touch your website.

  4. DEPLOYMENT - Instant delivery after payment.

  5. RESULTS - Expect to see improved visibility within 30 days.

Take the first step towards local landing pages that work.

Get in touch today.

Add a world-class search experience to your local search so you can convert more customers with Yext and Proximity Page™:

· Sync your Yext data to your own landing pages in seconds.

· Local search experience that delivers traffic.

· Dynamic landing templates with CTAs optimised for conversion.

· Easy-to-use no code environment.


Step 1: Log in to Yext.

Step 2: Go to apps > Proximity page.

Step 3: Allow permissions.

Step 4: Set up your campaign - easy steps.

· Yext location data prepopulates all fields.

· Your keywords and area are prepopulated too

Step 5: Payment.

Step 6: Go live.

Note: To use this app, you'll need to have both Yext and Proximity Page accounts

See how Yext can help you deliver answers wherever people search so you can grow your business.