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Sync your Yext locations to Radar, the location platform for mobile apps.

Radar is the location platform for mobile apps. With Radar, you can add location context and tracking to your apps with <10 lines of code.

This integration syncs locations from Yext to geofences in Radar, and keeps geofences up to date when locations are created or updated.

To install the integration, on the Radar Integrations page under Yext, click Connect. You will be redirected to Yext, where you can authorize Radar. If authorization succeeds, you will be redirected to the Radar Geofences page. If authorization fails, you will be redirected back to the Radar Integrations page.

By default, Radar will map Yext location name to geofence description, set location as geofence tag, map Yext store ID to geofence externalId, map other Yext metadata to geofence metadata, set radius to 100 meters, and set enabled to false if the location is closed in Yext. Radar will sync geofences both to your Test and Live environments.

To change any of these defaults, please contact Radar support.

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