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Push your Yext-powered business data into Radius8 to drive in-store and online customer conversion.

Radius8 is a local engagement platform that delivers hyper-local digital experiences to create new commerce opportunities for any enterprise with physical locations and digital channels.

For most businesses, the current mobile website experience looks the same no matter the consumer’s location. Radius8 Welcomer geofences every single store and geotags different content to deliver a hyperlocal journey for the digital user is applicable to any B2C enterprise including Grocery, Restaurants, Hospitality and Retail Banking.

The Radius8 app for Yext ingests Yext location data automatically so that your location lists and attributes are always 100% accurate. Whenever a store location is added or closed, or core location data changes for any of your locations, Radius8 will always stay up to date.

See how Yext can help you deliver answers wherever people search so you can grow your business.