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Tiger Pistol

Sync your Yext data to run thousands of local Facebook & Instagram campaigns in minutes.

Tiger Pistol, the most award-winning collaborative advertising platform, makes high performance social advertising simple and scalable for brands and their channel partners or locations, removing the barriers to customer acquisition, sales growth, and partner loyalty.

Since 2018, Tiger Pistol has been focused on unlocking the full potential of the Yext partnership. While search and local listings pull in those actively looking for your products or services, social advertising provides the targeted push that helps expand your market. Through an integration between Yext and Tiger Pistol, mutual clients are able realize an enhanced level of location efficiency and performance.

Utilizing Tiger Pistol’s advanced technology and automation, brands or their agencies can deploy optimized and scalable social campaigns within minutes, helping brands to acquire and engage new customers within their local communities.

Tiger Pistol eliminates the major gaps and obstacles to scaled social advertising that exist in both native tools and competing social advertising platforms. Where other adtech platforms provide either performance or efficiency, Tiger Pistol uniquely delivers both.

As a long-standing Meta (formerly Facebook) Business Partner, Tiger Pistol is the largest third-party publisher of collaborative social ads in the world, supporting clients in 22 global markets with more than 500,000 campaigns published annually.

Contact Tiger Pistol today to unlock the power of your partners.

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