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WordPress Page Connector

Use this data connector to pull in your WordPress pages!

WordPress hosts a vast array of data types, all of which can now be brought into the Knowledge Graph with just a few clicks! Download this connector to link to your WordPress account and pull page entities into the Knowledge Graph. Each connector will pull in a different entity type, so you will have download multiple if you would like to pull in different types.

  1. Click “Install” on this page

  2. Provide your WordPress domain name (should be in the format "")

  3. Edit any configuration (optional). If you plan to pull in additional fields beyond the template, you must first create those fields within the entity types.

Note: if your connector throws an error related to authentication, your WP site might have a private API, in which case you will need to set up application passwords. Learn how to do so in our WordPress guide on the Hitchhikers site.

  1. Click "Run Connector"

  2. If you’d like to pull in another entity type, go back to the app directory and download an additional WordPress app.

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