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The landscape of search is changing. When consumers search, they no longer receive static blue links on a page. Instead, they receive intelligent, direct answers on search engines like Google and AI devices like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. The rise of these intelligent answers makes consumers less and less likely to travel to your business's website for information about your company. Why would they, when 25% of Google searches generate a Knowledge Card with intelligent answers?

With the explosion of intelligent search and discovery services like social networks, maps, apps, and voice assistants, managing the public facts about your company is becoming simultaneously relevant and complex. In order for your business to compete, your company's brand data needs to exist consistently and accurately in a great many online locations, not just on your corporate website and app. This necessitates a brand data management solution.

Brand data comprises the facts about your organization's people, products, and locations. It includes the public information about your business, like your name, address, and phone number (NAP data), and enhanced content, such as photos, descriptions, and menu items — information that is dynamic and changes often. It has become almost impossible to manage or update all of this content manually; hence the rise of vendors that provide businesses with solutions to effectively manage all of the digital information about their business.

Simply put, having correct information everywhere drives customers to your business, and ultimately improves your bottom line. If your customers are searching for how to get to your business, they have strong intent to go, and you want them to be able to find you.

Have you ever had the incredibly frustrating experience of driving to a business that was listed as open online only to realize that it was closed? In that situation, were your feelings of anger and frustration directed at the search engine you used to search for it, or to the maps app you used to get directions? No, of course, no. Your feelings were more than likely directed at the business you previously intended on visiting.

Consider this scenario, and think back to how quickly your opinion of that brand changed. You don't want your company to be negatively impacted by incorrect digital information. Conversely, you can improve your brand's appearance in intelligent search by increasing the amount of enhanced content and structured data you add to your presence across the internet. By optimizing the facts about your company's people, products, and locations, you give more consumers the chance to engage with your brand by enhancing your visibility. Yext does exactly that.

With Yext, it's easy to update customers, partners, and business systems when your locations or delivery points move, or when your holiday hours or in-store promotions change. With centralized control, you'll drive new efficiencies, win high-intent customers, and cultivate rich interactions everywhere online.

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