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FAQ Pages help you answer your customers’ most important questions, bringing them closer and closer to conversion.

What are FAQ Pages?

Create beautiful FAQ Pages to answer a variety of questions. No matter what type of question your customer has - whether it's about your products, services, hours, contact information, return policy, job openings, or any other common question, you can use an FAQ Page to house the answer. These pages can display multiple FAQs, categories of FAQs or be dedicated to a single question. You can use FAQ templates to quickly produce new answers whenever you want.

How do I add FAQ Pages to my site?

Store FAQs in Knowledge Graph

Store all of your FAQs including the questions and answers in the Knowledge Graph, Yext's central source of truth. No matter what type of information you want your FAQs to communicate, you can store, manage and update your data right in the Knowledge Graph.

Determine Format

Once you have your complete list, determine which type of format makes sense: individual questions per each page, categories of FAQs per page or all FAQs on a single page.

Build Page Templates

Build your FAQ Page templates - these can be for single or collection of FAQs. Build multiple templates so you will always have options when creating your FAQ Pages.

Build FAQ Pages

Easily build FAQ Pages right in the Page Builder leveraging the templates you build. You can pull FAQ data straight from your Knowledge Graph and publish it on your Pages. Or you can create FAQs on the fly by writing them directly on your pages. You will be able to add a variety of modules including announcement bars, header and footer information, job details, professional details, CTAs, 'about us' information and more - however you want to structure your pages, you can do so in Page Builder.

Preview Pages

Preview your pages to make sure that your customers will have a good experience viewing the content whether they're on their mobile phone or desktop.


When you're ready, publish your pages!

FAQ Pages Use Cases


Answer questions about insurance, hours, specialties, appointments, procedures and more.


Answer questions about products, services, hours, accessibility, promotions, return policy, discounts, rewards program and more.


Answer questions about reservations, accessibility, promotions, bundles, activities, refunds, rewards program and more.

Financial Services

Answer questions about loans, interest rates, savings accounts, loyalty card programs, qualifications, payment plans and more.

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