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Learn how the Yext global data management software can save you time and money. Bring in new customers with our software for global data management.

In order to be a successful global brand, your business needs to deliver local experiences everywhere. Think about it. Coffee has become a staple across the globe, but when you go into a coffee shop in Paris you expect to have a different experience than when you go to a coffee shop in New York City. There may be different menu items, different music playing, and different languages spoken. It would be odd if these experiences were identical, as they wouldn't be locally relevant. The same goes for the way consumers interact with your brand digitally.Individuals expect a local experience, which means being listed on local publishers and maps, having this business information be in the local language, and having the correct address and phone formats. Delivering local digital knowledge – the facts about your business's' people, products, and places – around the world requires global data management.

The information age — access to the internet, text messaging, and social networks — has increased the ease and velocity with which people and ideas transfer around the world, making the world a much more global place. That being said, consumers still value localized experiences that feel culturally relevant to where they are. Even if they are delivered by global brands.

While your business's website and app remain a home for the public facts about your company, they are no longer the only places this information lives or the only places consumers look to for answers about your business. As a brand with locations across the world, and listings across the web and various publishers, keeping all of your digital knowledge up to date everywhere is close to impossible if done manually. In order to think global and act local, your international brand needs a globally positioned digital knowledge management solution that will help you be relevant and meet your customers wherever they are searching.

Your global business needs a digital knowledge management partner that has relationships with these local publishers; thankfully Yext's Publisher Network– the world's first global listings network has over 100 direct integrations with global maps, apps, search engines, directories, and social networks. For example, Yext has partnered with Italiaonline– Italy's largest digital media company, Yell, the UK's leading business directory; and Yahoo! Japan, the most visited website in Japan. Yext's partnership with Yell is crucial for our global and Great Britain centered clients, as we ensure that their business's digital knowledge is available on all of the relevant local publishers.

Being part of the global listings network is incredibly beneficial for global brands. Imagine you are expanding in a new country or region, publishing across all the new, relevant sites would be cost-effective and difficult. But, with the Publisher Network, you're brand will already show up where your new potential customers are looking. Yext will make sure you're there and that the information customers see about your business is consistent and up to date.

The Yext Answers Platform provides a global data management solution by delivering multilingual support, unmatched listings distribution, and a single source of truth for all of your digital knowledge. Yext's multilingual support allows your business to understand local languages and customs around the world. Our Publisher Network ensures that you meet your customers where they are, by being accessible on local publishers across the world, giving your global brand a local presence, improving your rank on SERPs, and enhancing your place in the Local Pack. Yext helps ensure that your business listings are locally accurate. With address information pre-formatted in 78 countries, your business will understand and deliver exactly what's required in every country. These features of the Yext Knowledge Engine gives your global brand visibility in all of the places your customers are searching locally.

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