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Do you know how GPS works? Find out how Yext is like GPS for your business listings.

GPS stands for global positioning system, a satellite-based navigation system that pinpoints any three-dimensional position, to within about a meter of accuracy, anywhere on Earth. Made up of a network of 24 satellites orbiting the Earth, GPS not only provides users with precise location data within seconds, but also guides users to their locations with turn-by-turn directions. The power of GPS is in its ability to inform users about where they are, where they want to be, and the best route to get them there.

The source of a GPS's accuracy comes from 24 satellites that transmit signals to receivers as they orbit the Earth twice a day; the receivers on Earth intake these signals and use them to triangulate a user's exact location. By comparing the time a signal was transmitted by a satellite to the time it was received, a receiver can determine how far away the satellite is; for example, the longer it takes the signal to reach the receiver, the farther away the satellite is.

Yext specializes in digital knowledge management, by managing and delivering accurate facts about businesses to consumers in real time. Users rely so heavily on GPS because it immediately directs them to the places they need to go so they can do the things they need to get done, and Yext provides this same sense of reliability to businesses who publish their business listings online. On behalf of its clients, Yext controls business data in its Knowledge Graph to ensure that every business listing online is accurate, up to date, and consistent across all publishers and directories.

If a GPS is supplied with inaccurate location information, the user will not only be guided to the wrong destination, but will be unable to complete his or her tasks and will likely never rely on a GPS to direct them again. Similarly if a business listing supplied a customer with inaccurate information — like its address, hours, or contact info — the customer would be delivered to the wrong location, at the wrong time, and would not be able to complete their task. This inaccurate listing would cause frustration, confusion, and ultimately, a loss in sales, customer loyalty, and customer retention. But with Yext, businesses can avoid misinforming and misdirecting potential customers, boost their in-store sales, and increase consumer trust and loyalty.

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