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Location Verification

Having trouble verifying your business with Google? Use Yext to verify your location and manage your Google My Business listings.

The first step to managing your data on Google is claiming your business via Google Business Profile (GMB). Once you have claimed your business following Google's steps, you will need to complete a Google location verification to prove that the business is yours. The claiming and verification process differs slightly depending on whether your business has fewer than 10 locations, or more than 10 locations.

Once you have claimed your business, you will need to verify its accuracy with Google and confirm that you are the owner. Depending on your business type, you may have up to three options for location verification, including by mail, by phone, and instant verification through Google's Search Console. Not all options are available for all businesses.

Verify By Mail

  • Click MAIL to have a verification postcard mailed to your business

  • Assign at least one person at your place of business to be on the look out for the postcard. Most failed verifications are the result of either bad phone numbers, missed phone calls, or lost or misplaced postcards

  • When your postcard arrives enter the code on the postcard in your GMB dashboard

Verify By Phone

  • Make sure that you have access to the business phone number that you provided to receive your verification code

  • Click VERIFY BY PHONE to have the code sent to your phone

  • Enter the code from the message in your GMB dashboard

Instant Verification

  • If your business's website is verified with Google Search Console you may be instantly verified

  • Make sure you are signed into GMB with the same account you used to verify your website

Want more tips on how to manage your GMB listings through Yext? Check out The Yext Guide To Google Business Profile.

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