Answers in the Digital Landscape


Now, more than ever, people rely on you for accurate, up-to-date information. Yext Answers ensures your website delivers official answers every time.

Join Yext for an exclusive and interactive look at Yext Answers - a Google-like search experience for your website!

Yext Answers puts natural language search onto your website, apps, and more — so your customers can find direct answers to all their questions about your brand.

Hear from our Chief Strategy Officer, Marc Ferrentino and learn how you can achieve the following:

- Increase customer insights
- Provide a better customer experience
- Drive Revenue with higher conversion rates
- Reduced support costs

You will also get a chance to see the product in action!

Marc Ferrentino Headshot

Marc Ferrentino

Chief Strategy Officer

Lexi Bohonnon Headshot

Lexi Bohonnon

EVP, Global Customer Success

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