Benefits and Challenges of AI Healthcare

Learn how AI can drive innovation in the healthcare space.

Christian Ward and Chris Space

Join Chris Pace, Chief Digital Marketing Officer, at Banner Health, and Carrie Liken, Head of Industry, Healthcare at Yext as they dive into what AI can do for healthcare — even though institutions tend to be slow to tech adoption. To help your organization use the technology effectively to create better experiences, this session will break down:

  • How AI can drive innovation in the healthcare space

  • Steps 'monolithic' institutions can take to prepare for the AI revolution

  • Why new marketing trends in healthcare require better data management

  • And more!

Who should attend: Healthcare professionals who want to learn how to adopt AI effectively.

Chris Pace
Chief Digital Marketing Officer
Carrie Liken
Carrie Liken
Head of Industry, Healthcare
Christian J. Ward
EVP, Chief Data Officer