'23 Summer Release: Bring Generative AI to Your Digital Experiences

An Exclusive Briefing for Yext Partners: Explore the Transformative Power of Chat, Content Generation, and Serverless Functions.

The digital landscape continues to evolve, and businesses must stay ahead of the curve to attract and keep their customers. Join us for a virtual event to learn about the game-changing features that will help you revolutionize your customers' digital experiences.

During this event, you'll gain insights into how Yext's Digital Experience Platform can help you give your customers the tools to navigate the customer journey of both today and beyond. We'll showcase exciting new features like Chat, Content Generation for Review Response, File Search, and more. Whether you're a business leader or a developer, our experts will guide you through practical demos and share real-world use cases to help you understand how to use these features to build consumer-grade digital experiences.

Register for this session to:

  • Discover how Yext's Digital Experience Platform can help businesses stay ahead of their competition.

  • Learn how to harness the power of our new features to create exceptional customer experiences.

  • Explore how these new features can streamline workflows, save teams time, and optimize digital operations.

Tripp Huber
Senior Director, Partner Solutions
Ira Simon
Senior Director, Partner Marketing