A Digital Strategy for Marketers to Nail Your Next Product Launch

Discover the secrets to redefining your product launches in ways you never thought possible.

Making your next product launch successful depends on how well you use first and third-party digital channels. During this event, you'll learn insights and practical tips to improve success across your digital channels. Join us to:

  • Learn strategies to reach new heights with your product launch. From lead generation to acquiring new business, we've got you covered.

  • Discover how to manage experiences across third-party channels from Google to Facebook to Yelp, and more.

  • Explore ways to improve your performance metrics from listings and reviews to your website, search, chat, and other digital experiences.

  • Find inspiration in a real-life success story of one of the largest household appliance manufacturers.

Who should attend: Marketing professionals, growth leaders, and intrapreneurs responsible for launching products, including new-to-the-company, new product features, product line extensions, brand launches, and more.

Trent Ruffolo headshot
Trent Ruffolo
Product Marketing Manager
Derick Jaros headshot
Derick Jaros
Head of Industry, eCommerce