Search: Your Brand’s Secret Weapon to Enhancing the Customer Journey

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 11:00 AM EDT

Join industry leaders from Yext and Accenture as they discuss the importance of a seamless search experience.

Consumer behavior continues to reinforce every brand's shift towards digital. As part of that, the ongoing evolution of search continually turns every touchpoint into an opportunity for brands to convert. These signals have encouraged organizations to continually evolve to not only meet, but surpass consumer expectations across digital experiences. After all, every customer journey starts with a search.

Hear from Yext and Accenture leaders as they discuss the importance of a seamless search experience, how AI can help enhance and personalize it, and the benefits to your organization's brand and bottom line.

Tune into this webinar for actionable insights on:

  • The evolution of search and how it now influences customer journeys

  • How to exceed consumer's increasing digital experience expectations

  • Reimagining a frictionless customer journey with AI-powered search

  • Increasing brand sentiment and transforming site visitors into customers

Christian Ward
CDO, Yext
Michael de Paris
Vice President, Strategic Alliances
Stefano Margelli
Global Head of Search and Managing Director