Exceeding Customer Demands While Balancing Team Workload

In today's increasingly complex customer journey, the scale and quality of your service can make or break your business' experience.

With today's consumers increasingly looking for self-service options to answer their questions rather than having to call a help center, it's more important than ever for businesses to have a platform where customers can get answers in real time.

However, it's critical for businesses to sport a support team that can positively influence the customer experience and overall satisfaction. After all, there's nothing more powerful at turning around a bad customer experience than a highly competent customer success representative who can quickly and fully answer questions.

Join TSIA's George Humphrey and Yext's Duane Forrester as they discuss such critical customer success topics as:

  • How to align your web experience with the best user experience

  • The potential impacts of bringing on skilled customer success experts

  • The benefits of a cohesive search ecosystem that makes your complete documentation, information, and product/service data available to your CS team

Duane Forrester
VP of Industry Insight
George Humphrey
George Humphrey
Distinguished VP & Managing Director, Offering and Delivery Research and Advisory
tsia - technology services industry association