Fix Your Broken Customer Journey With Search


The linear persona-based customer journey is over, and high-intent customers are asking increasingly specific questions online. The problem with that? Bounce. People are bouncing around like pinballs — from your website, back to Google, and potentially into the arms of a competitor.

To hold on to your customers and convert them directly on your website, you need natural language search built into your website.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • Where the customer journey is broken and why
  • How data privacy, cookies, and Google compound the problem
  • How providing a great search experience on your website can improve customer trust, increase engagement, and ultimately, drive more conversions
Christian J. Ward Headshot

Christian J. Ward

EVP, Chief Data Officer

Lexi Bohonnon Headshot

Lexi Bohonnon

EVP, Global Customer Success

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