Getting customers to buy, not bounce


For retailers, the digital direct-to-consumer side of the business has always been important. But in 2020, it's become more apparent than ever that e-commerce is essentially the only thing pandemic-proof. As advertisers race toward the holiday season, one thing is clear: a brand's digital footprint has never been more important — especially its website. In fact, a recent study by Modern Retail revealed 73% of consumers prefer to use a company's website over other channels when making a purchase. And so, the question becomes: What kind of online experience will advertisers deliver? There is only one right answer for successful campaigns and a winning holiday season — one that will make them buy, not bounce.

Join this webinar to discover:

  • How supporting natural-language search experiences can lead to shorter click paths, increased conversions and higher order values
  • How a better website experience can mitigate costly customer support calls, chats and emails, putting more money — and happy customers in brands' pockets
  • How customer insights gleaned from search data are supporting strategic marketing and product decisions for brands
Lee Zucker Headshot

Lee Zucker

Head of Industry, CPG/DTC and Retail

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