How Samsung is Preparing its Support Center for the Holiday Season


With the ecommerce market growing at a historic pace, a deluge of support tickets have followed. And retail, CPG, and DTC brands are bracing for the next wave: the holiday season.

Join Yext's Lee Zucker, Head of Industry, CPG/DTC and Retail, and Joe Jorczak, Head of Industry, Service & Support, in a conversation with Samsung on a variety of topics, including:

  • The state of the industry in ecommerce, and the growing need to scale customer support solutions during busy seasons like the winter holidays
  • How customer support influences purchase decisions and long-term brand loyalty
  • Samsung's approach to customer experience and how that's intertwined with its support channels

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Scott Messina Headshot

Scott Messina

Director of Search & Design Strategy

Lee Zucker Headshot

Lee Zucker

Head of Industry, CPG/DTC and Retail

Joe Jorczak Headshot

Joe Jorczak

Head of Industry, Service & Support

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