Lead the Charge: Manage EV Charge Point Data Across Every Digital Touchpoint

Tuesday, Jun 18, 2024 11:00 AM EDT

Discover how to make your charging stations visible and easy to find across maps, apps, smartphones, voice assistants, in-car navigation, and more.

Are your charging points visible and accessible across all digital platforms? From accuracy and completeness to SEO optimization, companies in the EV space are up against managing a vast amount of data. Join this session to learn how to make your data across charging points more visible and accessible to EV drivers everywhere.

Hear from industry experts, including Ben Boutcher-West, Chief Digital Officer at Connected Kerb, and Roderick van den Berg, CEO of Eco-Movement to learn:

  • Ways to attract drivers actively searching for charge points by centrally managing your data

  • Challenges faced by EV companies and explore practical, effective solutions to overcome them

  • How to tap into an extensive network of third-party mapping services to ensure your charge points are found when drivers are looking

Who should attend: Brands in the EV space who want to learn how to put their brand on the digital map and their charging locations a go-to destination for EV drivers.

Roderick van den Berg
CEO at Eco-Movement
Danny Harris
Senior AE, Enterprise
Ben Boutcher-West
Chief Digital Officer