SEO Predictions for 2024 and the Years Ahead

The way we search online is rapidly changing. AI is disrupting search as we know it, presenting marketers and SEO practitioners with fresh opportunities — and unique challenges.

SEO predictions for 2024 and the years ahead with Duane Forrester, Rachel Heseltine, and Keith Goode.

Over the last two decades, marketing experts and SEO practitioners have perfected their skills to surface content at the top of search results. But with the emergence of AI, what will the future of the SEO industry look like both in the short and long term?

Join Duane Forrester, VP, Industry Insights at Yext with over 25 years of SEO experience, Keith Goode, formerly with IBM and Cox Automotive, and Rachel Heseltine, Trader Interactive, for observations, predictions, and a lively discussion to help you map out your game plan to address headwinds against SEO produced by generative AI.

You'll leave this event knowing:

  • Generative AI's role in evolving the search landscape

  • How AI is transforming SEO practices, and what you should do

  • What you need to forecast now to respond to generative AI

  • How to create an SEO strategy to withstand new and emerging technologies

Who should attend:

Marketing leaders, SEO practitioners, and anyone interested in learning more about the role generative AI plays in search and what they can do about it.

Duane Forrester
VP of Industry Insight
Keith Goode
Keith Goode
SEO Director & Strategist
Rachel Heseltine
Rachel Heseltine
VP of Search Strategy
Trader Interactive