The State and Future of Search


While the consumer search industry has evolved significantly over the last couple decades, that evolution has been highly fragmented — with only a few platforms (ahem, Google) catching the lion's share of eyeballs and traffic.

Join our discussion on how brands and consumers can prepare for and take advantage of the upcoming changes in search — beyond just SEM and SEO. We'll cover a variety of topics, including:

  • "Optimal" versus "optimistic" search": the game theory behind search, and where it's headed
  • Approaching the giant ocean that is the internet, and how to ensure your search experiences are targeted
  • What customers are looking for and how to customize experiences for them
Christian J. Ward Headshot

Christian J. Ward

EVP, Chief Data Officer

Lexi Bohonnon Headshot

Lexi Bohonnon

EVP, Global Customer Success

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