3 Tips for Marketing Leaders to Drive Pipeline

For all marketers, the bottom line is clear: drive conversions that increase pipeline. But is your CMS helping your marketing org deliver on its business goals? How can you be sure? Join us to learn more about what it takes to set your team (and tools) up for success.

There's a lot of noise online, which makes it harder and harder to drive conversions. With the rise of AI and the continued proliferation of third-party channels, customers have more ways than ever to discover, engage, and transact with businesses. The result of this is that no two consumer journeys are exactly alike. Which makes it crucial to set up your CMS and your teams to drive innovation, remove silos, and deliver data-driven results quickly.

In this webinar, we'll dive in with Curtis Maher, Yext Product Marketing Manager and Mishi Schueller, Senior Director, Global Campaigns to explore three tips to develop a marketing function that drives repeated pipeline results that crumbles your competition.

Curtis Maher
Associate Product Marketing Manager
Mishi Schueller
Mishi Schueller
Senior Director, Global Campaigns