Transforming the Support Tech Stack With Yext and LivePerson


Consumer behavior is changing. Customer care tickets are skyrocketing as people ask businesses more questions than ever during the rapidly-evolving global pandemic. But calling an 800 number or engaging in an online chat isn't the answer. Most people want to solve their own problem, before resorting to customer care outreach. In fact, 39% of people would rather clean a toilet than make a phone call to an Interactive Voice Response system.*

Strong consumer preference, coupled with the significant costs of high-touch care means brands need to rethink their approach to customer service. Join Yext and LivePerson as we explore how to reimagine the customer care model by tapping into a brand's most important asset — its website.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • How to leverage strategic assets in your customer care mix, like your website and conversational tools, to empower self-service
  • How marketers and customer care professionals can jointly leverage data and insights across their departments to create a seamless customer care experience
  • How Yext and LivePerson are transforming the tech stack to anticipate and meet intent — reducing customer churn and lowering support costs

*2017 Aspect Consumer Experience Index

Kirsty Traill Headshot

Kirsty Traill

VP, Client Advocacy

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Jennifer Kline Shernoff

VP, Product Management

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