What You Need to Know to Innovate Your Online Experience

A Fireside Chat between Josh Grau & John Finch

Consumer behavior has significantly changed over the last 18 months making technology key to enhance customer experiences. eCommerce and Support industries have had to quickly react to create seamless online experiences that meet customer expectations.

Given these shifts, it is crucial to empower both your customers and agents to self-serve and get direct, actionable answers to support questions, while also addressing the need for an enhanced customer experience. During this fireside chat with Josh Grau (CMO of Yext) and John Finch (VP of Product Marketing at Zendesk) we will dive into the technology shifts we've seen, how retailers are pivoting, and where we anticipate future trends moving.

Josh Grau Headshot

Josh Grau


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John Finch

VP, Enterprise Product Marketing

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