Deliver a Seamless Experience with In-App Support

A “digital concierge” for your web, mobile, and desktop apps that expands into a Yext search experience when clicked.

Bring support inside your product


of consumers are frustrated with inconsistent answers across chatbot and human-assisted service


of executives believe that chatbots cannot understand the context to provide necessary support


mobile users actively seek in-app support

Answer customers’ questions right where they are

Deliver targeted support

Allowing customers to seek help right within your app makes for a superior user experience.

Reduce friction and increase convenience for consumers

Embedded product support and recommendations save customers from the repetition often associated with being shuffled among various support channels.

Deploy a powerful search experience

Add just a few lines of code to deploy natural language search, without incurring costs for your support team.

A single answer extracted from a larger set of results

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New options to build a completely custom search frontend including two Search SDKs and the Search API

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Uses neural networks to understand the true meaning behind the query and maps the most relevant results from Content

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One platform, many solutions for Support