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G-Star RAW Leverages Yext to Drive 1.5 Million Clicks to its Online Listings

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the Search Experience Cloud company, and G-Star RAW today announced the results of their joint efforts to help the Dutch denim The Dutch denim brand is also managing information for more than 350 locations across 39 countries with the Yext platform.

By Yext

Jan 21, 2020

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Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the Search Experience Cloud company, and G-Star RAW today announced the results of their joint efforts to help the Dutch denim brand reach its customers online.

G-Star RAW collaborated with Yext to update its information across more than 150 publishers, including Google, Amazon Alexa, and Facebook. By enhancing its online discoverability with Yext, G-Star RAW has driven over 1.5 million clicks to its listings while experiencing a year-over-year growth rate in clicks of 16% in the 34 months since launch in December 2016.

"There've been dramatic changes in the retail landscape in recent years, and we needed to move quickly to harness the change in consumer behaviour," said Chiara Klamp, Head of Global Omnichannel at G-Star RAW. "'Near me', mobile, and third-party searches are becoming more and more prevalent, and having reliable and useful information online was key."

"Previously when we worked with franchise partners a lot of our data was uploaded by third parties, creating serious inconsistencies in our business information," she continued. "We needed a partner that helped to update our information everywhere and to boost our discoverability for local search. Thanks to Yext, we're able to give consumers the right information at the right time, and the results speak for themselves."

The Yext Search Experience Cloud enables G-Star RAW to manage information about more than 350 locations across 39 countries from one place, allowing the brand to seamlessly update 324,000 location listings.

"Having a true understanding of what your customers are saying, and asking, about your brand is crucial in the digital era," said Jon Buss, Managing Director, UK & Northern Europe at Yext UK. "By providing consumers with timely, accurate and useful information at key stages on the purchasing journey, we're helping G-Star RAW to grow its online and in-store offerings."

Understanding that customer feedback and insight is crucial to creating a positive in-store experience, G-Star RAW also used Yext to pull in over 19,000 reviews to gain a complete picture of what their customers were saying about the brand.

"We rely on customer feedback to make real improvements and have an instant impact on their experience," Klamp continued. "As we continue taking steps to become a completely customer-centric organisation, Yext is playing a key role in building an online offering that is as seamless and convenient as possible."

Read more about our work with G-Star RAW here.

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