Yext Partners With Snowflake For Data Sharing

By Yext

Jun 27, 2023

3 min

Strong data management and optimization can be the difference between delivering a "good" or "great" digital experience. However, according to 451 Research - now part of S&P Global Marketing Intelligence - even 39% of highly data-driven organizations have more than 50 distinct data silos. That's because of the explosion of digital channels over the last decade and the associated data captured by each. More channels means more data to manage, and across more systems.

Businesses need better tools to consolidate their data and analytics – from across all digital touchpoints – so they can have better visibility into how their brands are performing.

That's why we're excited to announce Yext Data Sharing with Snowflake. Yext Data Sharing allows you to automatically sync your Yext data with your Snowflake warehouse to reveal the most complete picture of your business insights. Equipped with a single source of truth for your data, you can then generate customized reports and build better integrations with other platforms and tools.

Yext Data Sharing leverages Snowflake's Secure Data Sharing functionality to share raw data from the Yext Snowflake warehouse with a customer's Snowflake account. This new feature opens up several new avenues for businesses to realize the full potential of their data with:

  • Centralized business insights: unify all of your enterprise data and consolidate your reporting workflows by integrating your Yext data with the rest of your business's data in your Snowflake warehouse. Improve performance by easily identifying and fixing critical gaps across multiple data sources.

  • Fully customizable reporting: write your own SQL queries against raw data to customize reports to your liking. Calculate complex, business-specific metrics that aren't available out-of-the-box in our standard analytics tools, such as the average weekly number of successful site deployments for your Yext Pages.

  • Seamless low-code data syncs: sync data between Yext, Snowflake, and other external BI tools without needing help from technical teams. Build flexible and powerful integrations on top of Snowflake with their ecosystem of BI partners.

Yext Data Sharing is also highly secure: in fact, Data Sharing helps minimize security risks by making your raw data directly available in your data warehouse without needing to involve a third-party (ETL) pipeline, and without actually copying or transferring any data.

Getting Started

Yext Data Sharing will be available by request for mutual customers of Yext and Snowflake via a personalized listing on the Snowflake Marketplace.

After signing up through the marketplace listing, a member of your Yext account team will help set up your data share resource. Once the share is set up, all you need to do is import the share into your Snowflake warehouse to start querying it.

Note: You need to have a Snowflake account in order to use this feature. If you aren't already a Snowflake customer, and/or aren't yet ready to fully commit to signing up for Snowflake, you can sign up for a 30-day trial account. This will give you access to Yext Data Sharing — and can be converted to a full paid account at any time within that 30-day window.

Don't use Snowflake? No problem. If you'd like us to look into exploring an integration with your cloud-based data storage system of choice, let us know. We welcome feedback and feature ideas on our community board.

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