Create and Deliver Content More Efficiently with Yext Pages

As a Yext Reseller Partner, you can now offer your clients a fast, customized website — and you can manage their digital channels, too.

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By Trent Ruffolo

Oct 17, 2023

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Create and Deliver Content More Efficiently with Yext Pages

A website is the foundation of every business's digital presence. It's the centerpiece of any brand: even third-party channels like Facebook Pages and Google Business Profiles ultimately direct traffic back to the website.

But it takes a lot of effort and resources to create and manage highly performant websites — especially when you're responsible for dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of client sites. With every new client you bring on, the data and processes your team manages increases exponentially.

Yext is often recognized as the company that helps businesses manage third-party experiences, like listings and reviews. And with Pages, you can now manage client websites at scale.

As a Yext Reseller Partner, you can now offer your clients a fast, customized website and you can manage virtually every one of their digital channels, too.

Here's how you can deliver value quickly while increasing your profit margins.

Impress Clients During Onboarding with Fast Time-to-Value

Most client projects start the same way: with onboarding. This can be a tedious (and largely manual) process. Not including the technical setup of a new website, you likely have to organize and catalog all the existing content and client information. It's a necessary step, but it's not as efficient of a start to your new client relationship as it could be.

Regardless of how you prefer to onboard new clients, Yext has all the tools to support your preferred workflows. You can choose to input client data to the platform directly in the UI, or take advantage of other traditional methods like uploading a spreadsheet. And as an extra value add, you can fully automate onboarding tasks like data upload, license assignment, account creation, and permissioning, entirely through our APIs.

When it comes to creating websites, you can create each website from one of our starter templates, or build your own template from scratch. To accelerate website launch velocity, website templates and components can be easily reused across your entire website fleet. For example, if you have 400 websites based on a single template, each website can inherit any updates made to the source template – allowing your teams to quickly scale the amount of sites you can manage.

With Yext, not only will onboarding your new client be easier than ever, but you can further impress them with a fast time-to-value, too.

Deliver Branded Information and Customization At Scale

Whether it's your responsibility to create website content for your client from scratch or you partner with them on creating copy, you can deliver value faster by using AI to generate copy for your new site. Using existing content to feed into AI Content Generation with Yext, you're able to immediately publish on-brand, factual information to your client's new website.

You don't need extensive IT experience to push content live, either. Anyone can manage web pages with Yext, regardless of their technical skillset. The drag-and-drop visual editor can be used by designers to create and update website UI without relying on code. Or, business users can update content without interacting with the UI at all.

You can also make custom updates at scale with this same code reusability technology. Your client may want to add a banner highlighting a special offer across multiple websites at once. With Yext, you can apply that change to your website template and it will automatically update across all sites that are using that template.

Finally, search optimizations are built-in when you build websites on Yext. All your clients' websites are built on a modern architecture, leveraging the latest technologies to deliver optimal speed and performance. Yext Pages also come pre-built with schema markup, so you can deliver more value to your clients with a website optimized for search engines.

Manage More Than Websites with Yext (and Keep More of Your Margin)

Anyone can manage websites with Yext, thanks to its user-friendly UI. But did you know that you can also manage third-party channels, too? For instance, your clients' listings (like Google Business Profile, Apple Business Connect, and over 200 publishers) can be managed all at once — and all from the Yext platform.

When your clients' information changes, you can update it on both the website and third-party channels, too. Ensuring their data is accurate and consistent across channels impresses your clients with a much appreciated value-add.

If you're already using Yext Listings to manage your clients' listings, you can quickly use that same content to spin up unique landing pages. And vice versa: if you use Yext Pages to manage your clients' websites, you can easily expand your scope of work for your clients to include listings management, too.

With the Yext platform, you're uniquely positioned to manage listings, reviews, websites, and more for your clients. And because you can do it all from one platform, you (and your clients) benefit from a more efficient approach to managing digital assets.

As a Yext Reseller Partner, your team can accomplish more of your clients' wishlist without increasing your workload — boosting profit margins on your services at the same time.

Opportunities Are Unlimited for Yext Reseller Partners

You're in control of virtually every one of your clients' digital touchpoints as a Yext Partner.

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