Search Engine Updates You Need to Know in May 2024

By Duane Forrester

May 13, 2024

2 min

Attention, marketers: May 2024 is set to bring announcements that could reshape the search engine landscape as we know it.

Here's a sneak peek into what's on the horizon.

Google's SGE Expansion

Industry insiders anticipate Google's widespread launch of Search Generative Experience (SGE) and generative AI features within search. While we don't have full details at this time, the much-awaited announcement could occur during Google I/O on May 14th.

While this is speculation, we know one thing for sure: Google has been ramping up non-Labs access to the general public. We're seeing more SGE results in the wild, which signifies we will likely see an official announcement soon.

While we won't see an overnight transformation of the SERP, expect significant enhancements that cater to complex user queries.

OpenAI's Search Engine

If that isn't enough AI-search news, last week saw a flurry of predictions that OpenAI might unveil its own search engine just days before Google I/O. (OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has shot down reports that it would launch ahead of I/O, but speculation continues.)

Regardless of the timing, this move could shake up the search landscape and introduce innovative competition to the market. The potential impact of this announcement underscores the value and monetization potential of search traffic: a single percentage share of the search ecosystem is worth roughly $1.6 - $2 Billion dollars a year, so OpenAI is surely motivated.

Apple's AI Strategy Unveiling

Apple is also in the spotlight with potential insights into its AI direction during upcoming iPad announcements on May 7th. Intelligent Search, possibly integrated into Safari or as a standalone feature, could enhance user experiences and pave the way for a smarter Siri by June 2024.

With these developments, it's crucial for brands to prioritize data accuracy and optimization across a diverse publisher network. Structured data and proper information management will play a pivotal role in maintaining search discoverability and relevance in this evolving landscape.

The One Constant in Search? Change

As we await these exciting announcements, now is the time to ensure your brand's information is robust, accurate, and accessible across the web.

Stay tuned for further updates as May unfolds, and embrace the opportunities these game-changing launches bring to elevate your brand's discoverability in the ever-evolving search landscape.

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