Diversity & Inclusion

What makes you you, makes us Yext.

We believe inclusion and diversity are fundamental to building a strong, supportive company, workplace culture, and community.

But, we're not just talking the talk. In 2021, we built out a dedicated Diversity & Inclusion team to embed those ideals and foster a culture of belonging into all aspects of the business policies, procedures, and programs. We take an analytical approach to increasing diverse representation at all levels by evaluating data, building community partnerships, and developing inclusive, accessible best practices.

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Our strategy for success is built on a three-pillared approach:

Fostering Community: Inclusion, Belonging, Connection

What makes you YOU? We know sharing your whole self at work and feeling accepted can help create a fulfilling professional experience. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) bring together like-minded employees to form communities based on common experiences and interests.

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Business Impact: Procedures, Operations, Product

Companies with diverse representation perform better and create better products because they are more likely to understand employees and customer needs.

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Talent: Retention, Development, Recruitment

We recognize the need for equality in the talent we're attracting and we know increasing diverse representation is an important step toward fostering a more inclusive environment and culture. We're creating opportunities for our employees to grow and develop, as well as identifying and leveraging relationships with talent partners to create meaningful change.

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Elevate serves as a mechanism for Black employees at Yext to provide growth opportunities, build a sense of community, and make positive contributions to the greater Black community through our work as an ERG.

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Embrace exists to develop and promote our intercultural employees and create diversity awareness for employees and customers of different ethnicities and cultures.

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Empower aims to recruit, inspire, and advance women at Yext through career development initiatives, professional workshops, and networking inside and outside of Yext.

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Equip encourages inclusivity, spreads awareness, de-stigmatizes disabilities through both internal and community engagement, and empowers Yexters with the ability and resources to contribute to the greater well-being of our organizational and global growth.

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Expand aims to provide resources, share experiences and information, and act as a support network for all global parents, caregivers, and families of Yext, enabling members to be both good family members and productive, fulfilled employees.

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Express exists to foster a safe and inclusive workplace, allowing LGBTQ+ employees to bring their "whole selves" to work and help ensure Yext is a great place for LGBTQ+ employees to work.

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Yext's Sustainability Employee Resource Group (ERG) aims to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

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