Employee Resource Group


Our Mission

Empower aims to recruit, inspire, and advance women at Yext through career development initiatives, professional workshops, and networking inside and outside of Yext.

A group of Yexters at a breast cancer event

Develop Career Opportunities and Policies

Create development opportunities and advocate for policies, HR, and otherwise, that break down discrimination based on gender norms.

Promote an Inclusive Community

Build a positive and inclusive network by promoting and encouraging membership and participation by all, regardless of gender.

Encourage Inclusivity at Yext

Put Yext on the map as the preeminent NYC tech company that fosters an open community for everyone in the workplace.

What We've been Up to

Meet Our Leads

Amanda Mackler
Asaki Okuyama
Bailey Headrick
Federica Carrus
Jennifer Faithfull
Katie Garcia
Lauren Ringer
Reya Bakshi
Sam Han
Sunny Reardon

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