Accelerate Hiring at the Local Level

Reach the food service talent market faster and increase your overall applicant volume by putting accurate job-related answers on your website.

How to Accelerate Local Hiring

Improve Job Seeker Awareness

Flood your hiring pipeline with job seekers when you structure your open positions for search and drive more traffic to your website.

Reach the Talent Market Rapidly

Reach the talent market rapidly by reducing your time to hire by building a robust digital ecosystem that boosts discoverability and enables a swift candidate journey.

Instill Excitement in Job Seekers

Instill excitement in job seekers by distributing information and answers that drive interest and confidence in the talent pool. Ensure your employer value stands out to improve your conversion rate.

Supercharge your digital marketing strategy with Yext Content

Yext Content is purpose-built to store and structure all the public-facing facts about your brand — and the relationships between them — so your business can deliver correct answers to intelligent services and the consumers who use them.

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